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707 South Bishop, Rolla, Mo

Phone: 1 (573) 364-7860

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Store Hours:

Mon-Fri 9 am-7 pm,

Sat 9 am-7 pm,

Sun 12 pm-5 pm


Foods For Health was started by Donna Hanley in the entryway of her home on Highway F.

In 1972 she moved the store to a larger but still small space on 7th Street next to the Rolla Daily News.

The Hanleys moved to Columbia in 1974 and the store was purchased by present owner Diana Price.

Despite Diana's knack for putting shelves EVERYWHERE by 1981 there wasn't room for any new products.

The store was moved to the south unit at 707 South Bishop more than doubling the square feet of floor space. A new box of tea did not require major shoehorning to find room on the shelves. Well, not for awhile.

By 1995 Foods For Health was packed tight again and moved to the north end of the same building to expand a little bit. By 1999 another unit was added to give the store its present size of 2700 square feet. Yeah! Now there was room for a comfy chair for reading, waiting or just resting.

Recent years have brought expanded refrigeration, a computer system, massage by appointment and finally a website:

In the early years of the store it was a major policy change to have two people working at the store at the same time. Today we have a staff of nine with schedules from full-time to very part-time.

Although many products are stocked because sales reps have presented them, most of the selection was introduced at customer request. When a customer has been using a product and likes it, we try hard to get it. Not all requests can be filled, but we always try.

Special orders are processed on a prepaid basis with a prepay discount of 5%. There is also a 10% discount for ordering bulk quantities such as a full 25-lb. bag or a whole case.

A popular event is the fourth Tuesday of the month:10% Tuesday. On 10% Tuesday everything in stock that day is 10% off and all sales are cash-and-carry.

Special orders are not included. Since those months with a fifth Tuesday are confusing even for us, fifth Tuesdays are now 10% Tuesdays, also.

For the past three years we have had a monthly flyer with various specials for that month. Some specials are on individual items, some are on categories such as gluten-free and some are on brands of products.

Items new to the store are introduced in the flyer. The date of 10% Tuesday for the current month and the theme for the month's drawing are mentioned.As the availability of organic products has expanded, Foods For Health has made it a policy to include certified organic products whenever feasible.

Local products such as Edgar Farms Beef and Amish raised eggs are stocked. Products by local producers such as Judy Riggs' soaps and artistic efforts such as Barbara McNamara's photo cards are featured. Regional products like Teeter Creek herbal extracts are included on the shelves.

There is a definite effort to give a diverse selection. It can be hard for the customers to make up their minds and sometimes they lament, "Why isn't there just one?"


Foods For Health is open 9 AM until 7 PM Monday through Saturday; 12:00-5:00 PM on Sunday.

We have had the four Sunday hours for a few years. We used to have to come in Sundays to get a major order prepared for Monday noon. People would see cars in the parking lot and knock on the door wanting to shop. We decided a few hours on Sunday would be a good idea! Originally the store was only open six hours a day six days a week. Gradually the hours and finally the days expanded.

The gradual growth over the years is thanks to our customers and their growing interest and awareness of health issues and products. We appreciate their guidance in the whole adventure.

Thank you for visiting FoodsForHealth.Com