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September 2019
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In 2010 I took on a second store. That was exactly the wrong time for a second location. The six years I put in trying to make it happen were unsuccessful and really put the old store behind.
    Foods For Health spent the next two years on a very tight budget working to rebuild our weak position, Things were improving very slowly, but the budget was working.
    Then our building sold and the decision was "Do I close the store or move it?"  After forty-five years I couldn't bear to "kill" it.  Moving was the choice. At this point due to an outside infusion of cash I had a modest bit of money for the move.
But the cost of Architectural drawings, delays, remodeling projects to make the new site suit our needs and double rents. The war chest of cash was too small.
     So here I am very close to the actual move and I don't see how I can pull it off.  Would you like to help make it happen? This is an immediate need.
    Funds would be used to recondition refrigeration, expand inventory, paying for advertising the new location and signage at the new location which is 105 North Bishop Ave., Rolla MO.The old La Posada location and more recently The Lord's Library.

     Thank you so very much for any contribution you feel moved to make to this project.  This campaign could make it possible to "do it right" instead of sticking to an inadequate tight budget. I might sleep better, too. 
Diana Price
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Since 1972 Foods For Health has been serving the greater Rolla community and is the oldest independently owned health food store in the Rolla area.

Foods for Health offers a wide range of gluten free and allergen free Products.

Our staff has a passion for healthy and wholesome living. 

• Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Specialty Supplements , Resource Books

• All natural, gentle on the Skin Bath and Body Products

• Select Organic , Herbs and Spices, Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, Egg free , Non-Gmo Free Groceries

• A Range of Sports Nutrition and Protein Powders

• Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Candles

• Greeting Cards , Crystals , Pendulum.

We love working with and helping you learn more about how to live a healthy, delicious life!

Where Quality Matters We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality products and personalized customer service as you strive to make smarter and healthier decisions when buying healthful, natural and organic products.

We are here to assist you.

Foods For Health

707 South Bishop, Rolla, Mo

Phone:1 (573) 364-7860

Fax: 1(573) 364-0247

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Store Hours:

Mon-Sat 9 am-7 pm

Sun 12 pm-5 pm